drop the poptart (levi remix) - deadmau5

nearly impossible to find a good link for this song, but this song is unreal. i can really feel progressive house pumping. the vocals are crisp and bright. love it.

reminds me of: there will be no coffee (millertime remix) - deadmau5

running to the sea (seven lions remix) - royksopp.

new seven lions remix. check it out.

reminds me of: below us -seven lions

think about it (torn remix) - wiz khalifa & ella eyre

looking for something bad ass to drive to? roll down the windows. drop this beat. think about it.

reminds me off: pray - jay z

midnight (grum remix) - luke million.

going to ender’s game today. was it any good? hit me a like if you think so.

reminds me off: turn the beat around - vickie sue robinson

wanderlust (pharrell remix) - the weeknd.

this one goes out to my favorite calcium channel wrangler out there.

reminds me of: every other weeknd song, haha

another day - carousel.

i live for moments of clarity, you know, where everything suddenly make sense. i suppose that’s what drove me to research in the first place. maybe i want to stay…

reminds me of: blastingrock you like a hurricane” by the scorpions on the car radio after having a kick ass day….sudden mood change

tokamak - naden.

delayed trumpet, what!? who does that! bah i hate that i like it. nice piece by naden, great build. something to add to your running playlist.

reminds me of: the first 15 seconds of the martian successor nadesico intro.

don’t matter - cherokee.

definitely a keeper for your next trendy social. loft optional.

reminds me of: what hip new york parties sound like

you’re the one for me - great good fine ok

what a mix of styles! definitely love. check it out!

reminds me of: what an m83 and bon iver collab would sound like.

just friends? - blackbear.

this song is really clever, tense (1:25-1:30), dynamic, and a great ride. have a listen, also the lyrics are interesting…

reminds me of: the lovechild of futurecop!, purity ring, and jhameel.

electric feel (gesplau downcast edit) - mgmt.

one of the first songs i posted on this blog was a videotape remix by radiohead. it had this brilliance to it - something that you’d listen to while you look out your window while it’s raining. this song is a little different. i get that same vibe, but i feel like i’d be looking at the night sky. sadly, there’s not much of a nightsky in toronto.

reminds me of: sitting by a night fire just off of monterey bay, videotape (ring trick remix) - radiohead

odd look - kavinsky.

the weeknd is so perfect in this track. great combo. your hesitation speaks louder to me than million words per minute. so good.

reminds me of: if the weeknd and I were watchin tron, and I was like yo, sing this entire movie.

city life - bt, fractal, and bada.

i was walking to work on thursday and this song popped up on my earphones. instantly liked it. the vocals of korean superstar, bada, are very much appreciated!

reminds me of: one minute (dotexe dopest dope remix) - krewella (the intro only)

give you up (darius remix) - crayon.

drums tight. nothing sloppy about this track. everything is exactly where it’s supposed to be. in my head and around me.

recommended by f.

reminds me of: breathe by telepopmuzik

stay with us - seoul.

i remember almost a decade ago, there was this car commercial where a girl was moving her arms in the wind as the car was driving. might have been a mazda commercial. but it was all to the sounds of breathe by telepopmusik. i had never heard music like that. I wanted more. love the feel.

reminds me of: spiral - wye oak.